Revision Procedure

  1. Check the status of your application from school using the link KCSE 2012 Admission Enquiry. Visit the jab website where you can download and review the revision guidelines, view all degree on offer, degree clusters, similar degrees, universities.

  2. Log in to and on your phone.

  3. To access Degree Application Form, you MUST pay the required amount through your mobile phone either by Mpesa or Airtel Money. The link Payment provides instructions.

  4. You will receive two payment confirmation messages. One SMS from Mpesa/Airtel and another one from JAB. On receipt of the JAB confirmation, continue with the revision process.

  5. Use the link titled Degree Application Form to complete your application/revision. Read and accept the terms and conditions, Enter the degree codes for the revised degree choices. The choices you have made will be displayed if you have completed the form without errors. If you find errors indicated in red, correct and save again.

  6. You MUST Log out for changes to be effected.